In 2018 I launched the School of Nomad Arts, as a means of allowing people in far flung places to avoid airport queues and the environmental damage caused by travel to attend workshops with me.

Teaching online also allows me to limit my travels, leaving more time for research and making. I live too far from a metropolis to allow me to take a teaching position at a tertiary institution, which would be neither economically nor temporally viable anyway ā€¦ Iā€™d spend half my day in a car. I know this from experience, having taught for a semester at UniSA in 2002.

So for those who aspire to more than can be covered in the few short days of a traditional workshop, who would rather travel in their armchair while wearing pyjamas with a cat on their lap and a dog at their side and long to have more time to devote to their learning, welcome to a place where the spirit can go when the body may not, a virtual campfire around which folk from all over the whirled are gathering.


the school of nomad arts, for those who have a nomad heart